Last update
November, 25th 2022

This site, linked to the activity of the association LA STORIA NEL FUTURO®, has been created in 2003 with the aim to promote technology innovation, in particular in the small and medium enterprises, making available documents on studies and experiences in the creation of cooperation and investigation on innovative processes. Along with the years the activities have evolved with the Association that has developed, since 2005, an activity of promotion of entrepreneurship, especially for young students, through the organization of study tours in the Silicon Valley. Furthermore, since 2012, it has started a collaboration with IRCrES, a research institute for a sustainable economic growth of the National Research Council of Italy, that has made possible the extension of studies on technology innovation processes and on territorial technological innovation systems. That has made possible the publication of a book on the dynamics of technology:

Technology Dynamics- The Generation of Innovative Ideas and Their Transformation Into New Technologies

The site remains nevertheless a simple documentary source with a wide section on technology innovation and two other sections dedicated to the relation of technology with the environment, and an education & divulgation section.