Last update
6th December 2018

This site is linked to the activity of the Association “La Storia nel Futuro” and it has been created in 2003 with the aim to promote technology innovation and cooperation among small and medium enterprises in Italian industrial districts, making available documents on studies and experiences in generation of cooperation and on investigation of innovative processes. With time the activities have undergone an evolution on one side for the collaboration with IRCrES, a research institute of sustainable economic growth of CNR, the Italian national research council, and, on the other side, because of evolution of the activities of the Association toward the promotion of entrepreneurship and creativity through the organization of study tours in the Silicon Valley. In this way university students, but also entrepreneurs and managers, have had the experience of these tours with the help of SVIEC, the Silicon Valley Italian Executive Council. These study tours have demonstrated their usefulness in the generation of startups and, in the case of enterprises, new business models and firm organizations. Exploiting the experience and relations with the Silicon Valley, certain innovative processes of this territory might be introduced successfully also in very different cultural and industrial environments. Other activities reported in this site concern especially the relations between university and industry and studies on technological innovative territorial systems. The site remains a simple documentary source, and includes a large section about technology innovation and two other sections about relation between technology and environment and about education and divulgation.